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Death Valley

Taking in Death Valley, Tatooine's alter ego

Given our mutual interest in Star Wars, I wrangled the kids to explore a patch of sand and rock sacred among Force fans. A national park the size of Connecticut, Death Valley has also served as the desert home of the Skywalkers. SFGate.com

The Greatest Depressions: How low can you go?

Sky climbers seem ubiquitous. They top Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro, anything with a peak, and then prattle on about it forever. Yawn. Trade in the ice, frostbite and oxygen deprivation for desert bandits, bubbling fires and searing heat. CNN.com

California's oyster capital lives up to its rep

When you order fresh oysters in California, chances are they lived in Humboldt Bay, where a fortunate combination of geography, tides and ingenuity create the perfect habitat for the celebrated bivalves. San Francisco Chronicle

Where to see the oldest living things on Earth

Who needs new and improved when you can delight in old and perfected?
Planet ramblers looking for adventure might consider spending time with these 10 living ambassadors from the past. CNN.com

Perfect Winter Trips

Don’t be a fool. Do the cool. Season, that is. Late winter and early spring delight the hale, hungry and healthy who harken to Humboldt’s call of the mild. HumboldtInsider